Japan Trip

This october we visited Japan, starting with the Sakai Koi Farm auction in Hiroshima Japan. This is a premium VIP event with only very few people in the world being invited to enter, and each participant is allowed to choose one fish each round! We were able to select 12 nisai and 4 sansai for Dubai which can all be seen in our “fish” section. We then travelled to Narita Koi Farm in Nagoya, and onto Niigata (the official birth place of Japanese koi), visiting the top Japanese breeders and securing stock with all for Dubai. We have an amazing Doitsu Showa and Hiutsuri from Shinoa, beautiful Kojaku and Ginrin Showa from Yagenji, Goromos from Sakasume, the best Platina from Chugaro, and an amazing selection of big fish from Hirasawa (in total we selected over 100 pieces for Dubai, ranging from 30cm to 80cm in size). All the breeders we visited specialize in the best in their variety categories, true artisans that make living art!




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