Lakes & Fountains

Koi Water Barn Dubai are the leading experts in the pond and koi field here in the UAE. We design, build, and maintain ponds and lakes guaranteeing crystal clear water in all our projects. We are the UAE’s best at managing and maintaining vast bodies of waters. Using only the best equipment and resources we can guarantee our clients crystal clear ponds and lakes!

Using equipment that are global innovative leaders in water and fountain technology. Koi water Barn Dubai has an outstanding reputation in system solutions and using products that are constantly expanding the limits to what is possible with water bodies. Combined with our unique and expert knowledge we pride ourselves in bringing our clients dreams to realities. Discover unimagined possibilities with us!

Using filtration units that treat water carefully and naturally are part of our core ethos. These units are built by the best and installed by the best to ensure sustainable solutions are used to keep water bodies beautiful, healthy, functional, and most importantly, crystal clear! Keeping core values intact which are to not harm the natural ecosystems. These units and our expertise will remove sludge and foul-smelling debris from the lakes.  

Koi Water Barn Dubai offer a wide range of scope of work that cover ponds, lakes, golf courses, marine ponds, and fish farms. Suppling these bodies of water with the best standards needed to maintain a healthy and clear body of water.

Incorporating fountain systems allow us to cover even more than just the water care, but provide our clients with the most bespoke water designs and attractions with these systems. Whether it is for outdoor or indoor water bodies, we are able to create the very best for our clients and accommodate to a vast realm of possibilities! We are able to be with you in every step of the way, from design to maintenance, our scope of work covers it all. Using only the very best fountain technology there is no limit to how high your vision can soar.