Supply Of Quality KOI



Koi are more than just fish: they are symbols of strength, courage, and success, and their colours and patterns are unique to each koi. Koi come in broad range of prices, and can be kept as friendly water pets for the family or as living pieces of art for the high-end “koi connoisseur”. Breeding DOES matter: with the right pedigree bloodlines selectively bred over generations, top pieces can have the most striking patterns, body shape and size and vibrant colours: the best pieces are literally 1 in a million!

Our fish are hand-selected at top breeders from around Japan and then shipped to Dubai at various times of the year. We have built relationships with these breeders over 2 generations and because of this, are shown the best koi from each breeder’s collections. Prior to selling any koi, we unsure that we follow a strict quarantining protocol and bio-security procedures.